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Broken Teeth

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Dental Implants. Full Arch Fixed Ti/Acrylic Hybrid 4

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This patient came to our office having difficulty eating and having pain in his mouth.  Unfortunately, he had multiple carious lesions on most of his teeth making most of them unrestorable.  He choose a procedure commonly known as: “Teeth-in-a-Day”; “Teeth-in-an-hour”; “All-on-X”; “Same-Day-Teeth”; “Teeth Xpress”.  In one procedure: all his teeth were removed, dental implants placed […]

Dental Implants. Ti/Acrylic Fixed Hybrid 3

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This gentlemen presented with 20 yr old tooth borne over-dentures that were failing due to periodontal disease and decay.  He wanted a smile upgrade that was non-removable and more esthetic.  His remaining 5 teeth were removed, Dental Implants were placed and 2 Implant Supported Fixed Hybrids were chosen to give him the most natural feel, […]

Dental Implant. Porcelain Crowns. Direct Composite Resin Veneers 1

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This young man was involved in a late night biking accident. He lost his front right tooth and fractured a few others. In order to rebuild his smile, a dental implant was placed to replace the lost tooth root with a custom healing abutment to preserve the gingival architecture. Root Canal Therapy was completed on […]

Direct Composite Resin Bonding 3


Originally, this patient came in wanting to make an esthetic improvement on only her right central incisor. During her consultation, we looked at intra-oral photos together and she agreed that both central incisors could use an esthetic up-lift.
On this case, we replaced the existing bonding on both front teeth to create a more symmetrical and […]

Porcelain Crowns. Porcelain Veneers 3

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This young woman was referred to us by her mother after breaking a few teeth during a serious fall. Root Canal Therapy was completed on her left central incisor. Whitening, three Porcelain Veneers and one Porcelain Crown were utilized to rejuvenate her smile.

Dental Implants. Porcelain Bridges. Fixed Ti/Acrylic Hybrid 1

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This woman came to our office frustrated that her teeth were breaking and discoloring.  Unfortunately, she had multiple carious lesions on all of her teeth making them significantly difficult to restore.  Her new medications also made her very susceptible to future cavities.   She went thru the procedure: “Teeth-in-a-Day”; “Teeth-in-an-hour”; “All-on-X”; “Same-Day-Teeth”; “Teeth Xpress”.  In one […]

Dental Implant. Porcelain Veneers. Porcelain Crowns 1

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This patient presented this office after trauma caused him to lose his front right tooth and fracture other front teeth.  A dental implant was placed and his front teeth were repaired with all porcelain crowns and veneers.

Direct Composite Bonded Veneers 6

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The patient was referred to CB Smiles because of her chipped/dark front tooth. The chipping and discoloration were due to trauma to her mouth when she was younger. Bleaching of the tooth had already been attempted, with minimal improvement in the color.  Veneering of the dark tooth was completed to blend with the color of […]

Direct Composite Bonded Veneers 4

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The patient chipped her teeth while abroad and had it repaired while out of the country. She was unhappy with the mis-match in color & wanted to brighten her smile as well.  First, she completed four weeks of whitening (a combination of at-home and in-office bleaching) to improve the brightness of her natural teeth.  This […]

Dental Implant. Direct Composite Bonded Veneers 1

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This patient had to replace his front left tooth due to trauma.  He also wanted to improve the color and shape of his teeth.  Direct composite veneers were used to restore his smile.  His front left central incisor was replaced with a dental implant and an all porcelain crown.