Composite Bonding

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Implant and Composite Bonding 1


The patient was referred to CB Smiles by his orthodontist for treatment to close the spaces between his front teeth and to replace the missing lower front tooth.

Direct composite was used to veneer the patient’s upper front teeth. The composite was placed without having to remove any of the patient’s natural tooth structure. Additionally, a […]

Composite Bonding 4

The patient chipped her teeth while abroad and had it repaired out of the country. She wanted to brighten her smile as well.

She completed four weeks of bleaching (a combination of at-home and in-office bleaching).The resin bonding was replaced on two teeth to blend with the new brighter value of her teeth.

Composite Bonding 3

The patient had trauma to their face and chipped their front tooth.

Composite bonding was used on the front four teeth to fix the chipped tooth and to create a more balanced smile for the patient.

Composite Bonding 2

The patient was referred from her orthodontist to have the spaces closed between her front teeth. The patient’s smile was created by simply adding bonding to the sides of her teeth, to blend into her natural tooth form.  Whitening of her teeth was completed prior to her bonding treatment.

Gum Lift/Composite Bonding


Maya’s smile was enhanced with a gum lift for her side teeth. No-preparation composite bonding was added to her peg lateral incisors and canines to close the spaces and create proper shape and form.