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Implant and Composite Bonding 1


The patient was referred to CB Smiles by his orthodontist for treatment to close the spaces between his front teeth and to replace the missing lower front tooth.

Direct composite was used to veneer the patient’s upper front teeth. The composite was placed without having to remove any of the patient’s natural tooth structure. Additionally, a […]

Dental Implant 2

The patient was born without her upper lateral incisors.  After orthodontics, the patient was referred to CB Smiles for replacement of the missing teeth.

Composite bridges were created to replace the missing teeth. With this procedure, a fiberglass material is adhered to the inside of the teeth, then the fiberglass is surfaced with a series of […]

Dental Implant 1

The patient had congenitally missing lateral incisors. Treatment was abutment supported porcelain dental implant crowns and bleaching.