We’re expressing the obvious when we say your child’s dental future is affected by the things done – or not done – during their early, formative years. Poor dental hygiene during childhood can easily lead to tooth decay, and tooth decay in their primary teeth can easily lead to decay in their permanent teeth and a lifetime of dental problems.

In contrast, good oral health in childhood should lead to oral health in their teens and far beyond, and that in turn, contributes to their overall good health.

One of the most important steps to take in establishing good oral hygiene habits is to make sure your children brush twice and floss daily, and one way to encourage that very important habit is through the use of a teeth brushing chart that records, and possibly rewards, their daily brushing and flossing routine.

A Google search for teeth brushing charts will bring up numerous sources for free, printable charts, and the use of one of these charts in establishing a daily brushing routine has a number of benefits.

A mom helps her young child brush her teeth.

Here are three we consider very important.

Personal care

Using a chart to record this twice-daily task sends a message to your children that self-care is extremely important. Brushing their teeth twice daily puts them on the path of excellent dental health practices throughout their lifetime. The chances of them needing serious dental work like cavity filings is also reduced

Literacy skills

Young children begin developing literacy skills even before they can read and write. Seeing information and printed text helps preschoolers understand that pictures and printed words convey meaning, just like the spoken word. Creating a colorful teeth brushing chart for your kids can have far reaching effects beyond an oral health routine.

Motor skills

It might at first seem trivial but placing a checkmark on a chart requires a child to hold a pen and write. It may only be a checkmark, but it’s still a form of writing during their preschool years that helps develop their motor skills.

I know we said three skills, but for good measure, we’ll throw in a fourth, emotional development. Creating routines and letting your children know these have to be carried out each day helps them know what is expected of them and how to respond positively.

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