Just because you wear dentures, it doesn’t mean you should look like you do. For years, denture-wearers have resigned themselves to poor-fitting false teeth that create a sunken-faced, aged look. Thanks to today’s advanced techniques and materials, the denture look is an artifact of the past. Our Cosmetic dentures are designed with your face in mind, so they are more comfortable and can take 10 to 15 years off your appearance.


Too many dentures fail to take into account the optimum bite placement for our faces. As we get older, we lose bone structure due to tooth loss or gum disease. Often, this loss of bone results in the lower part of the face appearing collapsed or sunken. This sunken look makes us look older than we should. This can have a very negative affect on our self-esteem as well as our physical and mental health. Not only do ill-fitting dentures contribute to the sunken, aged look, they also:

  • Make it difficult to chew properly, which can result in not getting the nutrition we need.
  • Require excessive adhesive. Many denture wearers don’t realize that if their false teeth fit well, there may be little need for adhesives.

Custom Cosmetic Dentures In Glenview – Before & After


Custom cosmetic dentures are the solution. We can determine the optimum position for your dentures to improve the physical dimensions of the face, and allow your lips to lay against the teeth properly. By creating a bite where the muscles are most relaxed, your dentures will function better and provide the most facial support. And you will look younger and eat better!

If you want to look 10 to 15 years younger, you don’t need a plastic surgeon. You may simply need more expertly designed dentures.



Types of Dentures

  • Traditional Full Dentures

    – Traditional denture sets are used as replacements for all your teeth. The use of these dentures means that you wear a full set that covers both your upper and lower teeth. The comfort level of these dentures often depends on the health and shape of the patient’s mouth. If you must have teeth extracted prior, you must allow your gums to fully heal and swelling to go down before being fitted for these dentures.

  • Immediate Dentures

    – These types of dentures are placed on the same day you have teeth extracted. Often, they require adjustments once you’ve gone through the healing process. However, you are never without teeth.

  • Overdentures

    – If you want a stronger denture that is great for eating, overdentures are ideal for you. These dentures are much like traditional dentures but require you to have teeth or tooth implants to grant them additional stability.

  • Partial Dentures

    – These types of dentures use metal to anchor to your natural teeth. This is often used to correct issues, such as gaps or misaligned teeth. This type of dentures also helps you retain more of your natural teeth and fight against losses due to issues like gum disease and tooth decay.

If you need dentures, Dr. Hartlieb and Dr. Ching know how important it is that your dentures are not only comfortable and functional, but also beautiful and natural appearing.

At Chicago Beautiful Smiles, we are proud to serve the Glenview, Northbrook, Winnetka, Highland Park, Deerfield, Chicago and North Shore areas for all your custom-cosmetic denture needs.

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