chicago beautiful smiles

Chicago Beautiful Smiles is a cosmetic and restorative dental practice created by the partnership of Dr. Buddy Mopper and Dr. Dennis Hartlieb.  Dr. Mopper, who recently retired from active patient care, was a pioneer in the use of dental composite to repair broken teeth and to esthetically close spaces between teeth.  Dr. Mopper began using dental composites in the 1970’s and was instrumental in designing many of the materials that are in use today.  The techniques and concepts that Dr. Mopper developed in the art and science of dentistry are used by dentists around the world today.

Dr. Mopper is an internationally renowned lecturer in esthetic dentistry with an emphasis on composite bonding using direct application techniques. He has published numerous articles on cosmetic dentistry and co-authored, A Complete Guide to Dental Bonding, which was the first definitive book for the dental profession describing bonding techniques.

Though he has retired from treating patients, Dr. Mopper continues to teach direct resin bonding on a continuing education level at many major universities including the University of Iowa and the University of Illinois.  Dr. Mopper is also the Director of Education for the Center for Esthetic Excellence, in Chicago, IL, and is Co-Founder and Chairman of Cosmedent, Inc.

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Slideshow of Dr. Mopper’s Retirement Party.