Icon – Caries Infiltrant smooth surface

Icon No Drill Spot Removal Glenview, IL

At Chicago Beautiful Smiles, we are excited about a technique to remove unsightly white spots caused by braces or overfluoridation without drilling. We use a gentle scrubbing method with a special solution to counteract the changes in the enamel surface that can literally make the white spots disappear before your eyes. There is no unnecessary loss of healthy enamel, typically done without numbing of the teeth, and can often be completed in only one sitting.

Changes caused by trauma: Further enamel defects, such as those caused by trauma, can be esthetically improved with Icon. The success of the procedure is heavily dependent on how deep these defects lie within the tooth structure. The closer they are to the surface, the better the esthetic improvement.

We look forward to meeting with you to determine if this revolutionary esthetic smile enhancement is right for you or your adolescent child!