Preview the Possibilities with the Trial Smile experience

We understand how beneficial it is to see how you will appear and feel with your beautiful new smile. Many of our patients interested in cosmetic procedures are offered a cosmetic preview or Trial Smile after their consultation.

To complete the Trial Smile, we temporarily place cosmetic bonding material over your existing teeth, and expertly refine the shapes of your “new” teeth. This is done in a matter of minutes with no numbing or tooth preparation needed. One look at your new smile will show you what words cannot explain.

“Before” and “after” images, can be sent to you for viewing by family and friends.

The Trial Smile also gives us a reference for future work, and allows us to estimate the number of teeth and cost involved.

Are you looking to have whiter teeth, fix crooked teeth or simply replace your tired, worn out and old looking smile? Today, you have the benefits of modern dentistry techniques that can literally take years off your face and quickly and easily give you the smile you have always wanted.

Drs. Hartlieb and Ching appreciate that there is both an art and a science to smile design. That means combining cosmetic artistry with modern dental materials and expert training.

Smile Design Principles

Drs. Hartlieb and Ching apply the principles of smile design to every patient. While the principles remain the same for each case, each patient has different visual aesthetics and that is why no two smiles will ever look the same. Think of your smile like a picture and your facial features (the lips, cheekbones, etc) as the frame… you want the picture to fit and look beautiful in the frame.

Either creating the desired look on their own, or working with the highest quality dental laboratories, Drs. Hartlieb and Ching will design your perfect smile, customized just for you.  Using a composite material, they will do a “mock up” right over your own teeth so you can see and feel your new smile instantly and know exactly what it will look like before starting any procedures.

Below are photos showing an example of a Trial Smile.

trial smile before and after