Do you avoid dental visits because of fear or anxiety? You are not alone. At Chicago Beautiful Smiles, we provide a soothing, comfortable environment in which you can relax and get the care you need through our sedation dentistry services.

With Sedation Dentistry, you will find that your treatment is performed more comfortably than you might ever have thought possible.

Am I a Good Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

Even if you don’t identify with the term “dental phobic” – a very real condition that has a debilitating effect on sufferers – if anxiety surrounding dental treatment has barred you from the exam chair, you may be a good candidate for sedation dentistry. Sedation may also be recommended if you have a medical condition, like arthritis, neck or back pain, or are undergoing several procedures in one visit.

Sedation Dentistry is especially useful for adult patients who:

  • Have fear or high anxiety about dentistry
  • Have had traumatic dental experiences in the past
  • Have difficulty getting numb
  • Have a sensitive gag reflex
  • Have TMJ troubles and cannot open their mouth for extended periods
  • Are afraid of needles
  • Have sensitive teeth
  • Need several procedures done in a single visit
  • Have back, neck and/or shoulder pain
  • Have difficulty sitting still for long periods of time
  • Just want to relax through the procedure
  • Don’t want to remember the procedure (sedation amnesia)

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide provides a light level of sedation. It calms and relaxes patients during treatment. Often referred to as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is preferred for its fast-acting, predictable effects. Nitrous oxide is administered using a facemask and utilizes no injections or needles. Patients are instructed to breathe naturally, and inhale a mix of the sedative along with oxygen.

Nitrous oxide produces a light-headed, tingly sensation, dispelling patients’ worries and tension. Soon after the facemask is removed, patients will feel the effects dissipate. Nitrous oxide is the only type of sedation that allows patients to safely drive themselves home shortly after their appointment.

Intravenous Sedation and General Anesthesia

For more complex or challenging cases, intravenous (IV) sedation or general anesthesia may be recommended. General anesthesia & IV sedation induce a deeper sedative state, and is administered via a thin tube in the hand or arm. For our patients’ convenience, Chicago Beautiful Smiles is able to provide the assistance of a sedation-trained specialist on-site.

Using Sedation Dentistry, the doctors at Chicago Beautiful Smiles are able to provide needed dental care to those who otherwise would not receive it.

If you’re considering sedation dentistry, please call us at 847-729-6080 to discuss your needs, so we can be sure to provide precisely what you need to make your visit to our office a calm and comfortable experience. Most phobic patients overcome their fears after a few visits and no longer feel they need sedation. However, it is an available option whenever you feel it is needed.