If you’ve been on the hunt for a long-term solution for your smile but you want results fast, you may have stumbled upon same-day dentistry as a facet of cosmetic dentistry in Winnekta. Computer-aided design or computer-aided manufacturing (CAD or CAM) technology utilizes digital imaging that allows our team to produce results on the same day. This advanced technology allows our team at Chicago Beautiful Smiles to produce high-quality porcelain crowns for patients in only one day. You’ll be back to chewing and speaking normally after your appointment.

How It Works

After your consultation with our team, we utilize a camera to capture the area that needs to be treated. This technology helps to capture and produce a 3-D model of the treatment area and produces an image on the screen. From there, the technology works to produce the 3-D version of the crown and our team will complete the ceramic restoration.

Benefits of Same-Day Dentistry

There are many benefits to this procedure, such as:

  • No need for impressions because the camera takes the images of your teeth. The camera is able to capture the images it needs in a matter of seconds.
  • You only have to dedicate one day to this procedure instead of coming back and forth to our office multiple times.
  • No need for temporary replacement options.
  • The ceramic crown will look, feel and function just as your natural teeth.

If you’re interested in learning more about same-day dentistry or other areas of cosmetic dentistry in Winnetka, please reach out to our team at Chicago Beautiful Smiles today.