We’re all striving to get a straight smile, and Invisalign is part of cosmetic dentistry near Northbrook that allows you to do so. Through a series of clear aligners that you wear at all times besides eating and drinking, Invisalign will gradually shift your teeth into the right position. On average, patients receive 18 to 30 aligners; the number of aligners necessary depends on the amount of treatment that is required. One topic you may not think about regarding Invisalign is how to properly clean your trays. Because you are wearing your trays at nearly all times, here are some hygiene tips to keep in mind.


  • Always rinse off your aligners when you aren’t wearing them, otherwise, they may develop plaque that creates smelly bacteria.
  • Brush and floss your teeth before you put your aligners back in your mouth. This reduces your chance of trapping small pieces of food between your teeth and your aligners.
  • Only brush your aligners in a gentle way. If you are too harsh, it will cause your toothbrush to leave scratches and marks on your aligners.
  • Use a clear anti-bacterial soap to clean your aligners. This will get rid of unwanted bacteria and choosing a clear soap will ensure your aligners don’t become discolored.


  • Eat or drink anything besides water when you are wearing your aligners. You don’t want to stain your aligners or cause them to smell!
  • Leave your aligners uncovered while you aren’t wearing them. This could lead to airborne bacteria to get into your aligners. Yuck! Make sure that you rinse them before you put them back in your mouth as well.

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