Achieving a picture-perfect smile is always the end goal, but sometimes, you may not know exactly how to go about doing so. Our cosmetic dentistry near Highland Park has the knowledge to suggest specific treatments and services so you are happy with your smile. Composite bonding is an example of a popular cosmetic treatment geared toward teeth that are worn, eroded, chipped or slightly misaligned.

The Process

Composite bonding also referred to as composite resin, is applied to your teeth in order to rebuild them and give them an attractive shape. In many instances, little if any preparation of the tooth structure is necessary, in order to prepare for the resin to be bonded to the tooth structure.


This process is minimally invasive (a major benefit of this type of dental treatment), so you won’t have to endure excessive discomfort to achieve a whiter, healthier smile. Plus, our cosmetic dentistry near Highland Park ensures that the resin blends naturally with your teeth, so you won’t have to worry about any differences in color.

Why Choose Chicago Beautiful Smiles?

For this procedure, you’ll want to choose a dentist that has experience. Dr. Buddy Mopper is a pioneer when it comes to the cosmetic bonding procedure. Both Dr. Mopper and Dr. Harlieb lecture internationally to teach other dentists about the proper materials and techniques to achieve a unique and beautiful smile!

If you feel like you are a good candidate to receive composite bonding, set up a consultation with our cosmetic dentistry near Highland Park today!