While most people think of teeth when they think of oral health, the gums play an equally important role in the overall health of your mouth. In fact, research points to the gums having an impact on not only our oral health, but our overall health as well. As one of the top cosmetic dentists in Chicago, Il and surrounding areas, we want to emphasize the importance of your gum health.

The Role of Your Gums

You can think of your gums as the foundation of health for your mouth. Damage to your gums will ultimately result in damage to your mouth as a whole if the issues go untreated. For example, if you notice that your gums are particularly sore and puffy but you don’t schedule an appointment to get them checked, it may result in tooth decay and bone loss.

Your gums are an interconnected part of your body that impacts more than just your mouth. For example, it’s also important to note that inflammation in your gums may trigger inflammation in other parts of your body. Research shows that there is also a connection between gum disease and other health issues such as lung cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and stroke.

Caring for Your Gums

While you learned the basics of dental care years ago, a quick refresher is always helpful. Make sure to use a soft, ADA-approved toothbrush. Softer toothbrushes are gentler on the gums and can even reach under the gumline better than harder-bristled brushes. Sweep the brush in circular motions and be sure to last the full 2 minutes. Don’t forget to floss at least once a day, too.

Schedule Regular Dental Appointments

Visiting one of the top cosmetic dentists in Chicago, Il can help you stay on top of progressing problems. If you have further questions about your gum health, please get in touch with our team at Chicago Beautiful Smiles today.