If you are someone who enjoys daily snacking, it’s important to keep in mind what is healthiest for your teeth. Some foods can cause decay, like those that contain any type of sugar as well as some acidic fruits and vegetables. As a cosmetic dentistry serving Highland Park, we want to make sure that you avoid unhealthy snacks to keep your teeth clean and your smile white, while offering you healthy alternatives.



Almonds are a good source of calcium and protein and they’re also low in sugar. Not only are almonds good for your teeth, but they are also a healthy snack in general. A quarter cup of these nuts a day is a great snack that can be added to your lunch, salad, or any type of dinner!



Like almonds, leafy greens are healthy in general, but are also full of vitamins and minerals that are good for your teeth. Kale and spinach are two types of greens that promote oral health as they are high in calcium, which helps build the teeth’s enamel. If you aren’t a fan of salads, turn to green smoothies full of folic acid to promote treating gum disease.



This fruit is high in fiber and water, producing saliva in your mouth that can rinse away bacteria and any leftover food particles. Apples have a fibrous texture that stimulates the gums so pack an apple or apple slices as a daytime snack to give your mouth a scrub at the end of your meal.


If you have any questions about healthy snacks for improving your oral health, reach out to your cosmetic dentistry office serving Highland Park. Chicago Beautiful Smiles can work with you on altering your diet to keep your enamel and gums as healthy as possible!