Can you remember the last time you replaced your toothbrush? If the answer is “no,” then it is definitely time for you to buy a new one. The American Dental Association recommends that you switch out your toothbrush every three to four months in order to properly brush your teeth. If you are brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes each session, but you don’t see a change in your teeth, consider visiting out cosmetic dentistry near Highland Park.

When To Replace

The standard amount of time you should use a toothbrush is for three to four months. If you are sick, consider replacing your toothbrush once you are healthy again to avoid re-exposing yourself to the same bacteria. Lastly, if your bristles are frayed, the toothbrush will not be as effective, so you should consider purchasing a new one.

Finding The Right Toothbrush For Your Needs

With all the different brands and styles of toothbrushes out there, it’s important that you find one that works best for you. While looking through the variety at stores, make sure you consider the following factors:
Size: Make sure your new toothbrush head can access all areas of your mouth.
Bristles: Soft nylon bristles will be the most effective and safest for your tooth enamel.

Disposable vs. Electric

Having a disposable or electric toothbrush is entirely based on which you are more comfortable with using. If you have a disposable toothbrush, you have to replace the whole thing. With an electric one, you just need to buy head replacements. Those who use electric toothbrushes may find them more beneficial as the automatic timer makes sure you brush for a minimum of two minutes.

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