You have taken the first step to improve your smile with dental veneers near Deerfield, IL, now that you have the smile you always dreamed of, you need to know how to protect it. The team at Chicago Beautiful Smiles is here to help you care for your new smile to keep you smiling for years to come.

What to Do

After you get dental veneers near Deerfield IL, your oral hygiene regimen should continue just as you would with your teeth. Brushing regularly and with the proper technique is vital to maintaining your veneers. Flossing is also very important to the health and maintenance of your dental veneers. Any bit of decay may be detrimental to your veneers and proper maintenance is needed to keep the perfect smile.

What Not to Do

There are many day to day activities that can have a negative impact on your new veneers. Your new veneers are durable, however, the same with your teeth, hard objects such as hard candy or ice, can cause chips in your veneers. As a good rule of thumb, we remind patients NOT to use their teeth as tools.  

What Should I Do if I Run into Problems With My Veneers

If you experience any issues with your dental veneers near Deerfield Il, contact Dr. Hartlieb and Dr. Ching immediately. Our doctors will be able to alleviate any problems or pain you may experience and keep you smiling. Call Chicago Beautiful Smiles Today if you have questions about your new veneers.