The best and busiest months of the year are getting ready to happen. Wedding season, graduations, and other major gatherings await thousands of Chicagoans who are more than ready for the Spring and Summer months.

Now is the perfect time to get camera-ready and improve your smile. There are plenty of cosmetic treatments you can pursue that can make your smile stand out among the crowd.

From brightening your smile before your college graduation photos or evening out your teeth with veneers before the big wedding day, working with a practice that specializes in cosmetic dentistry will be the main key to meeting your smile goals.

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Quick Cosmetic Dental Treatments You Can Pursue

Unlike your routine dental appointments or restorative treatments, cosmetic dentistry takes an aesthetic approach to improve your smile. You might have white spots remaining on your teeth from braces or adult teeth that didn’t grow in evenly.

The beautiful thing about a dental office that specializes in cosmetic treatments is that all aesthetic approaches to your teeth also include an element that protects your health as well. Some of the services you can pursue alone or in combination to meet your smile goals quickly include

Most of these services can be completed in as little as one appointment, and require no downtime before your big event. If you’re pursuing teeth whitening before a wedding or graduation, however, more than one or two appointments might be required. Therefore, it’s ideal to schedule and pursue this treatment as early as possible to get the results you desire.

Beware Of Non-Dental Specialists

Due to the aesthetic nature of these treatments, non-dental specialists can advertise and attempt to perform these services. It might seem cheaper in the short term to get your teeth whitened or veneers placed in this setting, but doing so puts you at risk for long-term health and financial consequences.

Mild to severe teeth sensitivities, uneven whitening, and dental infections from misplaced veneers are just a few of the many complications that can occur. Standards that a dental practice would take for a professional whitening or veneer placement, are often skipped. Not only can this prevent you from getting the desired results you seek, but it’s also wasted money that could have been spent in a dental practice.

It’s not uncommon for those who sought DIY and non-dental specialist services to pursue corrective treatments to reverse or minimize the damage caused to their teeth.

To save yourself time, money, and energy in the first place, you should always seek out a dentist that offers a professional veneer or teeth whitening procedure instead.

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