Suffering from a headache is tolerable, but when you have a migraine, even opening your eyes can feel like a struggle. Unfortunately, millions of Americans suffer from migraines on a daily basis without any real form of relief. Not only are we providers of cosmetic dentistry, but we can also help those who are suffering. Our team at Chicago Beautiful Smiles has a team that has undergone training to diagnose and treat temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Signs of this neuromuscular disorder include chronic jaw pain, severe headaches or ringing in the ears.


Everyone has two temporomandibular joints on either side of their face that is located below the ear. Sometimes, the relationship between the upper and lower jaw can get disrupted. This creates pressure and pain, which can lead to chronic headaches and migraines.

Causes of TMJ, also referred to as TMD, include grinding or clenching your teeth, a facial injury, or arthritic damage to the joint.


Our team can help diagnose whether or not you have TMJ by taking x-rays of your teeth, taking a CT scan or an MRI of your bone and soft tissue, looking at jaw movement, hearing your jaw open and close, or testing pressure points.

Treatment Options

Generally speaking, there are three different treatment options for those who suffer from TMJ. Both the cause and the intensity of the dysfunction play a role in what treatment is ideal. Physical therapy is an option to help ensure your joints are functioning properly. Prescription pain medication can help ease the pain, and custom orthotics can help lessen the pressure on the joint and reposition the bite itself.

Don’t suffer from troublesome migraines or jaw pain any longer! Beyond TMJ treatment, we also focus on cosmetic dentistry near Northbrook. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please call us today!