Case Description

This patient came to us to address the cant (angulation) of her smile. During her comprehensive exam, we identified an area of concern in her front left lateral incisor from her Full Mouth X-Rays. It was also noted that she was missing the upper left canine and the second premolar was moved in its place.  The left lateral incisor was diagnosed as Invasive cervical resorption. Invasive cervical resorption (ICR) is uncommon and often aggressive form of external tooth resorption.  She elected to have it replaced due to the poor prognosis. After a Smile Design analysis, Invisalign was used to decompensate the left side occlusion and extruded the upper left while leaving restorative space to make the premolar into a canine to balance her smile and camouflage the skeletal cant. After orthodontics and whitening, a dental implant was utilized to replace the lateral.  Three porcelain veneers and an implant crown were done to correct the cant.