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Porcelain Veneers. Porcelain Crowns 2

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This patient had recently completed orthodontics (braces) and she was having pain when biting.  She was also unhappy with the aesthetics of her smile.  She did not like the cant (angulation of her front teeth) and the “small” tooth on the right side of her smile.  After working thru her bite issues, a little whitening […]

Gum Lift. Direct Composite Bonded Veneers 3

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This patient was born with congenitally missing lateral incisors on both sides.  She wanted a fuller and brighter smile.  A gum lift was performed to level the gingival levels.  Six Direct Resin Veneers were completed to idealize the shape of her teeth and fill our her smile.

Gum Lift. Direct Composite Bonded Veneers 2

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This young woman presented to our office after having completed orthodontic therapy.  She wanted to have a more uniform smile. A gum lift and ten direct resin veneers were completed for her smile enhancement.

Gum Lift. Direct Composite Bonded Veneers 2

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This young woman did not like the her small teeth.  Her smile was enhanced with a gum lift for her posterior (side) teeth. No-preparation composite bonding was added to her peg lateral incisors and canines to close the spaces and create proper shape and form.

Gum Lift. Porcelain Crowns. Direct Composite Bonded Veneers 1

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This patient did not like her “gummy” smile and the mis-match colors of her teeth.  First, a gum lift was completed to allow us to restore her teeth to the proper proportions.  We replaced the front two old crowns with new all porcelain crowns and direct composite veneers were used to cosmetically improve the appearance […]