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Porcelain Veneers. Porcelain Crowns 2

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This patient had recently completed orthodontics (braces) and she was having pain when biting.  She was also unhappy with the aesthetics of her smile.  She did not like the cant (angulation of her front teeth) and the “small” tooth on the right side of her smile.  After working thru her bite issues, a little whitening […]

Direct Composite Resin Veneers 14

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This patient came to us during the summer wanting to improve her smile before her wedding. During her consultation, she discussed wanting to improve the color of her teeth. Also, she did not like the bonding on her laterals (completed over 10 yrs ago) that were misshapen and protruding from her smile.  She completed whitening […]

Unilateral Maryland Bridges 2

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This patient came to me wanting to replace her 15+ yr old Maryland bridges that were replacing her congentially missing lateral incisors.  She started with whitening to improve the shade of the natural teeth and then replaced the existing Maryland bridges with new all porcelain Maryland bridges.

Dental Implant. Invisalign. Whitening. Porcelain Crown. Porcelain Veneers 1

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This patient came to us to address the cant (angulation) of her smile. During her comprehensive exam, we identified an area of concern in her front left lateral incisor from her Full Mouth X-Rays. It was also noted that she was missing the upper left canine and the second premolar was moved in its place.  […]

Whitening. Direct Composite Resin Bonding 3


This patient came to us wanting to brighten his teeth and replace the resin bonding on his two front teeth. He was unhappy with the appearance of the aged bonding that needed to be refreshed.  After finishing whitening, we replaced the composite bonding and blended the color of his bonding to the adjacent tooth structure. […]

Dental Implant. Porcelain Crowns. Direct Composite Resin Veneers 1

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This young man was involved in a late night biking accident. He lost his front right tooth and fractured a few others. In order to rebuild his smile, a dental implant was placed to replace the lost tooth root with a custom healing abutment to preserve the gingival architecture. Root Canal Therapy was completed on […]

Dental Implant. Porcelain Crown. Porcelain Veneers

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This woman came to us desiring an aesthetic improvement of her smile. Her right central incisor is an implant that was placed in Eastern Europe over 20 years ago. Invisalign, Whitening, a new Implant Crown with a hybrid abutment (Titanium Base and Zirconia Abutment) and 5 veneers were completed to improve her smile.

Porcelain Crowns. Porcelain Veneers 3

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This young woman was referred to us by her mother after breaking a few teeth during a serious fall. Root Canal Therapy was completed on her left central incisor. Whitening, three Porcelain Veneers and one Porcelain Crown were utilized to rejuvenate her smile.

Direct Composite Bonded Veneers 4

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The patient chipped her teeth while abroad and had it repaired while out of the country. She was unhappy with the mis-match in color & wanted to brighten her smile as well.  First, she completed four weeks of whitening (a combination of at-home and in-office bleaching) to improve the brightness of her natural teeth.  This […]

Invisalign 1

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This patient wanted to improve the alignment of his teeth as well as the color.  He had Invisalign Treatment for 6 Months and concurrently whitened his teeth to improve the brightness.  After he completed clear aligner treatment, we slightly reshaped his teeth to improve the esthetics.

Direct Composite Bonded Veneers. Whitening 2

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This patient presented with worn, crooked and discolored teeth. Composite veneers were completed to create her new, beautiful smile. Bleaching of her lower teeth allowed us to give her a bright new smile.

Direct Composite Bonded Veneers. Whitening 1

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This patient did not like her stained teeth.  Direct composite veneers were used to mask the discolored teeth creating a beautiful & harmonious smile. Bleaching of the lower teeth allowed the placement of bright, but naturally colored composite veneers.