It is still surprising to most people that photography plays a huge role in dentistry. It is considered an invaluable part of our practice, as it is used daily at our cosmetic dentistry near Deerfield. With the advancement in technology, digital imaging equipment has become more accessible and convenient. Unfortunately, many other dentists are still reluctant to incorporate photography into their practices; mainly because they are intimidated and lack the knowledge to efficiently incorporate it into their workflow.

1.Patient Communication

Photos are one of the best resources to educate patients. Documenting treatment progress; & presenting similar case outcomes.

Below is an example of a posterior composite restoration (filling) that was causing sensitivity for this young woman. The previous filling was leaking at the margins and needed replacement with a new composite restoration (filling).

Posterior composite restoration

Below is an example of a patient who wanted to brighten her smile thru in-office whitening. Pre-op photos were helpful to remind her what color her teeth were prior to the whitening treatment.

Cosmetic Dentistry Near Deerfield

2. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

All new and existing patients should have photographs as part of their records. These images are an important addition to the dentist’s toolkit and will help him/her diagnose and draft a detailed treatment plan. Additionally, having these photos on records allows our cosmetic dentistry near Deerfield to go back and review the patient’s progress.

3. Team Communication

When communicating with the laboratory technician or dental colleague, photos introduce an entirely new dimension to the reports. A report coupled with high-resolution photographs is much more helpful and provides more detailed information that will assist the specialist or laboratory technician in making more accurate restorations or any other treatment.

Below is an example of a patient who has wear on her teeth with a subsequent eruption that has caused uneven gingival and occlusal levels. This Digital Smile Design was used to communicate to the patient and orthodontist the goal of tooth position and shape at the end of treatment.

Teeth Straightening Treatment

Here at Chicago Beautiful Smiles, our cosmetic dentistry near Deerfield finds photography to be of utmost importance.