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Do You Snore? It May be Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

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If you snore, you are probably aware of it because someone else told you. Snoring might be known as a social problem, but it might also be a life-threatening disorder.  Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a medical condition that requires treatment by a physician. But what’s the difference between snoring and OSA? Here’s what you need to know about sleep dental care around Highland Park:


Snoring is so common, that as many as 50% of adults experience it.  The main cause is the vibration of respiratory structures, which occurs due to obstructed air movement.  However, the Uvula (the little piece of tissue that hangs in the back of your throat), an elongated soft palate, a large tongue or obstructions in the nasal area are all other common causes of snoring.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

The percentage of adults who suffer from OSA is smaller than those who snore. One in 15 adults has at least moderate sleep apnea, while 1-3% of children suffer from it. However, of all the types of sleep apnea, OSA is the most common. It occurs when there is a physical blockage of air flow due to excess tissues, like large tonsils or a large tongue. The most common signs of OSA include, but not limited to loud snoring, low breathing, apneas (pauses of breathing during sleep), restless sleep, or waking up with a dry or sore throat. Risks of undiagnosed OSA include heart attack, stroke, irregular heartbeat, or high blood pressure.

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If you or a loved one is suffering from excessive snoring, they might have OSA and need sleep dental care around Highland Park. It can lead to other health problems as well as a poor sleep cycle. Contact Chicago Beautiful Smiles for an evaluation, and we can provide you with available treatment options. To learn more about OSA, please click here.

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Real Patient Reviews

Real Patient Reviews

I have been going to this practice for several years now. I seemingly never have to wait when I arrive at the office and they are all very professional. Dr. Hartlieb and Dr. Ching have been terrific. In addition to doing great dental work, each has a great rapport with their patients. All of their assistants have been top notch as well.

- Neil H.

I recently met with Dr. Ching to have some dental work done, and had an exceptional experience at this office! I usually hate going to the dentist, but this experience was different–this office is hands-down, THE nicest dental facilitiy I have ever seen.

- Shaun F.

This dental office is something I haven’t seen before. I had many past dental experiences at other dental offices (unfortunately not good) and finally I found Chicago Beautiful Smiles. Dr. Hartlieb had helped me restore my teeth to a beautiful smile.

- Natasa R.

I am a loyal patient for over (yikes!) 20 years because I appreciate the time, skill and patience of the entire team. As proof of my gratitude, I live in the city and reverse commute every six months for my appointment.

- Dennis H.

Dr. Hartlieb is by far the best dentist I have ever been to. He has transformed my smile into something of beauty. In fact, many people comment on how beautiful my teeth are who do not even know that I have had major dental work performed. I used to never want to smile that large before, but now I smile as big as possible when photographed.

- Fran L.

I always have a great experience when I go to Chicago Beautiful Smiles. The staff is amazing and Dr. Hartlieb and Dr. Ching are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. The facility is incredible and I feel like I’m being treated with the best technology in the dental industry. Go to Chicago Beautiful Smiles for a consultation and I guarantee you will go back time and time again. It does not get any better in the Chicago area.

- Antonio S.

I had a great experience with Dr. Ching – very professional and thorough in his craft. I had been seeing my previous dentist for the past 15 years; however, I am ready to make the permanent switch to Chicago Beautiful Smiles. Dr. Ching is great at explaining the procedures he was performing and made my visit comfortable.

- Brian M.

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