If you want to begin the year in a way that will help you make the most of 2020, a great jumpstart is with a smile makeover. There is nothing quite like a bright, dazzling smile to make you feel beautiful and confident.

The Smile Makeover

A smile makeover consists of a series of dental treatments that are used to create your dream smile. It’s the ultimate dental treatment for everyone. Each smile makeover is unique – because every individual is unique.

Our goal is to create the smile you want, and that’s why we feel it’s vital to involve each client in the treatment selection process. Whether you want a brighter smile, or you require braces and a dental implant in Northbrook or Glenview, it is very important to us that you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and opinions. We want you to end up with a beautiful smile that you can’t wait to show off!

What Does a Smile Makeover Entail?

Involving separate dental treatments, each of the processes involved will differ depending on which services you and your cosmetic dentist select. One smile makeover may be very different from another. A range of treatments including cosmetic solutions like bonding, veneers, tooth and gum contouring, tooth whitening, and white fillings are just the beginning.

Many smile makeovers include restorative treatments and orthodontics as well. At Chicago Beautiful Smiles, we will help you determine if various options including Invisalign, bridges, lingual braces, or other devices are right for you. Whether a smile makeover consists of cosmetic treatments only or extensive work with more than one dental implant, Northbrook clients will find no dentists more qualified than ours.

Book your appointment today to begin your smile makeover at Chicago Beautiful Smiles – and make your own beautiful smile a reality!