Have you heard the term: Teeth in a Day, Teeth in One Visit, Dental Implants in One Day and Teeth in an Hour or Same Day Teeth?  This refers to a procedure where all of a patient’s teeth are removed (if teeth are present), implants are placed and replacement teeth are connected to the implants by our cosmetic dentists in Highland Park.  Patients who are the best candidates are those with insufficient teeth to eat and function properly. The etiology might be periodontal (gum) disease, caries, trauma, and insufficient teeth to maintain function causing discomfort.  If you’re considering this procedure, here’s what you should know. 

Implant-Supported Dentures

Teeth in a Day is an exciting process towards a beautiful smile.  After careful and thorough planning, a patient can have 4 or more implants placed and, typically, teeth attached to the dental implants the same day (hence “Teeth in a Day”), by our cosmetic dentists in Highland Park.  This is beneficial to the patient as they can immediately replace the look and functionality of their smile.  

How the Process Works

Our cosmetic dentist in Highland Park will take photos, X-RAYS, a digital scan of the existing teeth and complete a comprehensive exam to start the process of designing the new teeth.  A 3D XRAY is also needed. Once the planning is completed, we will schedule the surgery to remove damaged teeth, place implants and attached new teeth. After 6 plus months of healing (as the implants fully integrate into the jaw bone), a new set of teeth is created for the patient to replace the temporary teeth utilized during the healing process. 

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