For the last few years, veneers have been a trending dental topic on major social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Many creators that have flaunted their veneers have also bragged about seeking cheaper cosmetic care outside of a standard dental practice or in other countries like Turkey or Mexico.

Unfortunately, many of these creators have also faced the health consequences of seeing someone who hasn’t properly prepared their teeth for veneers. This phenomenon has become widely known as turkey teeth due to the thin, chiclet-like appearance the natural teeth take on after having veneers improperly laid on top of them.

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Seeing an unlicensed dental professional to get veneers might initially save you money, but it can have devastating consequences for your health.

Consequences Of Getting Veneers Outside Of A Dental Practice

While this phenomenon of turkey teeth and veneers began in countries based in Europe, it’s becoming more common throughout the US as well. Cosmetic practices that do not have a medical license will tout these services alongside teeth whitening and other aesthetic services.

Usually, services in these settings will be priced much cheaper than professional cosmetic services you would receive at a dental practice. This is enticing to those who are looking to save and perfect their smile but unfortunately can cost them so much more if their teeth aren’t treated properly.

If plaque, food particles, or other types of decay are left behind while the veneers are fitted on a person’s teeth, this can lead to further decay or a deeply rooted tooth infection. The most extreme cases of veneers going wrong have led to some getting root canals, a full set of dental implants, dentures, and surgery involving the jaw. As a result of these extreme cases, clients spend tens of thousands of dollars on restoration services to fix their teeth.

Veneer Treatments Within A Dental Practice

The initial price tag of getting veneers at the dentist might seem too expensive, especially compared to cheaper cosmetic businesses that offer it. By seeking veneers within a dental practice, however, you’ll receive comprehensive dental care from a professional that will properly clean, prepare and place veneers on your natural teeth.

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