Similar to the emergence of previous Covid-19 variants, Omicron has caused widespread alertness and concern this month. While we know more now about the treatment as well as how to avoid spreading Covid-19, the debut of this new variant raises several questions about how it will affect our daily lives as well as medical visits.


Many Covid-19 policies continue to be in place, specifically in medical settings like your doctor or dentist’s office. To ease your mind and keep you well-informed, here are three key things you should know about Omicron as you prepare to visit your doctor or dental office.

  1. It’s Easier To Spread Than Delta, But Not Currently Widespread In The U.S.
    1. The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) as well as medical experts across the globe are still trying to learn more about Omicron as it spreads. We do know that it is easier to pass along to others than the Delta variant, which means mask-wearing, hand-washing and social distancing practices should be top of mind.
  2. We Don’t Know How Severe The New Variant Is Yet
    1. It’s too soon for researchers to tell how severely Omicron will affect those who contract this version of Covid, especially compared to the Delta variant. Your best course of action to protect yourself and your loved ones is to follow the above health and safety protocols and get vaccinated if you haven’t already.
  3. Is It Safe To Go To The Dentist During Covid’s Latest Variant Debut?
    1. Yes, you should not postpone or cancel your dental or doctor’s appointments, because of Omicron. As long as you take the proper health and safety precautions listed above, your chances of catching the Delta or Omicron variant decrease significantly. Many dental offices like ours have taken several steps to ensure the safety of each client during their appointments.
    2. Taking care of your overall health is equally important when compared to your safety from Covid-19. Practicing good oral hygiene, attending dental check-ups and practicing good hand washing can further protect you from this virus.

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