For well over a year so many of us have been using Zoom and other video conferencing platforms for work. In that same amount of time there has been a significant uptick in the number of Americans seeking improvements to their smile. It is not uncommon for many to feel discouraged since the final results of some procedures like teeth straightening can take months to complete.

Thanks to state of the art dental technology, now you can see exactly how your future smile will look with what is known as a trial smile. This painless and quick procedure can be done in minutes in an office that specializes in cosmetic dentistry.

Trial Smile

How It Works

Prior to the construction of your trial smile, clients will discuss their wants and needs during a consultation. After the consultation is complete, the dentist will choose the appropriately shaded tooth color, bond the composite materials to the front of your current teeth and shape it.

The procedure takes just a few minutes and does not require any numbing agent, in-office dental care, or other means of preparation for the teeth. After the trial smile is completely placed and shaped, you’ll be able to see how your new flawless smile will look.

It’s a simple process that can boost your confidence and help you see your smile how you’ve always wanted to see it. While the trial smile procedure is generally the same for every client, the final smile will be uniquely created to your liking.

Your new smile will be free of gaps, crooked teeth, stains, or a faded look.

Get Your Trial Smile Design in Chicago, Il

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See how we’ve erased imperfections by giving our clients a trial smile, and schedule an appointment with Chicago Beautiful Smiles today.