Life takes its toll. Especially on one’s teeth. What we drink, and eat can stain our teeth. We use our teeth constantly. We don’t really think about our teeth except when it’s time to brush or when something goes wrong. We often take our teeth for granted when they are so important to our lives, to our health. Not only that, our teeth play an important role in our confidence. How much are we willing to put ourselves out there if we are not confident in our smile? Do you do the quirky no teeth half grin? Perhaps you mumble when you speak because you are too embarrassed at the state of your teeth? Stop! There are options. This is the why of cosmetic dentistry. It is not just for oral health. However, that is always our primary focus. Do you want to light up a room when you walk in? Do you want to speak in front of your peers with confidence? Our office can answer your questions from whitening to full restoration.