When it comes to getting dental care, it’s more than just preventive and restorative care many patients need. If you need cosmetic dentistry in Skokie and Evanston, IL, Chicago Beautiful Smiles can provide the quality care you can rely on to restore your healthy, beautiful smile so you can always feel proud to flash it whenever the mood strikes. We take great pride in treating our patients with the respect and compassion they deserve, regardless of the reason they find themselves in the dental chair. We understand not all dental issues are within your control and even if they could have been prevented, now is all that matters. That’s why we treat every patient the way we would want to be treated in the same situation.

We Get to the Source of the Issue

While many of our cosmetic dentistry treatments in Skokie and Evanston, IL, can change the look of your teeth for a beautiful smile, that isn’t the only thing we do. Our team works hard to find the root of any problems and help fix it so you won’t experience further problems down the road. This is particularly true of our gum disease treatment. These treatments will correct your gum disease and help protect your oral health so you can enjoy a lifetime of beautiful smiles. It doesn’t matter why you developed gum disease, our team will attack the issue and help you learn how to take better care of your dental health so you won’t find yourself needing these treatments again.

Change the Look of Your Smile

With the help of our cosmetic dentistry in Skokie and Evanston, IL, you can correct just about any cosmetic issue you may have with your smile. For instance, if you have crooked teeth but are hesitant to go with traditional metal braces, our team can help you decide if Invisalign is the right alternative for you. Teeth whitening services can get rid of stains and help you enjoy a whiter smile. Dental implants and dentures are a popular choice to replace missing teeth to help with your self-esteem, eating and talking. We even use porcelain veneers to correct a number of issues like chipped or cracked teeth or even to close small gaps. Finally, for those who suffer from the pain of TMJ, we offer effective TMJ treatment that may even help eliminate headaches. Regardless of the issues you may have, we have a cosmetic treatment that will help you regain your confidence and prevent the need for more extensive treatments in the future.

Suffer from Sleep Apnea?

Even though sleep apnea isn’t caused by your teeth, we are also a sleep apnea dentist in Skokie and Evanston, IL. Sometimes, a simple mouthguard is all you need to alleviate your sleep apnea so you can sleep more peacefully and not worry about the negative side effects of sleep apnea, such as excessive tiredness and snoring. Our team understands these challenges and wants to provide you with the quality care you need.

No matter why you need cosmetic dentistry in Skokie and Evanston, IL, you can rest assured our team will provide the customized treatment plan you need to get the results you want. We take great pride in helping all of our patients get the healthy, beautiful smile they deserve. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment so we can evaluate your needs and make the best recommendations.