When you think of dentures, what comes to mind? It is likely a mental image of a sticky paste sitting atop of a mouthful of fake teeth. While this standard of dentures has been long accepted, today’s advancing technology and materials have helped evolve standard, uncomfortable dentures into dentures that you’ll actually want to wear! At Chicago Smile Design, our team is dedicated to cosmetic dentistry around Highland Park. Read below for more information on how to transform your denture experience.

Traditional Dentures

As we age, we lose bone structure in our mouth due to the loss of teeth or gums. As a result, our faces may look sunken in, which can have a huge impact on self-esteem. Dentures that don’t have the proper fit can add to this sunken-in look, as well as make it difficult to chew properly and confidently. Ill-fitting dentures may also cause the need for extra adhesive, which can quickly get messy.

Cosmetic Dentures

Cosmetic dentures are custom-made for your mouth, so your lips will lay flat against your teeth. Your bite will allow your muscles to relax, so your dentures will be better able to function. This makes simple tasks like talking, eating and chewing much easier! Plus, custom cosmetic dentures can help you look 10-15 years younger. A simple procedure can truly have life-changing effects and help you feel confident from the inside-out.

If you want to explore the dentures options that you have, or you are interested in other areas of cosmetic dentistry around Highland Park, please contact our team at Chicago Beautiful Smiles.